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Procedure Charges in USD ($)
IVF Package without egg donation 3730
IVF package with egg donation 4620
ICSI Charges 490
Diagnostic hysteroscopy 590

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  • Passessment: The couple needs to come to the hospital just before the onset of monthly menstrual cycle of wife. The IVF procedure can be done with or without egg donation, So initially some investigations shall be done to assess the course of treatment. In some complicated cases, diagnostic hysteroscopy may also be required.
  • IVF procedure: One IVF cycle comprises of follicular monitoring, sperm analysis, sperm processing, egg aspiration, and embryo replacement. Eventually, the averages stay in Delhi for one cycle is expected to be 3-4 weeks including the pre-procedure assessment. To ensure maximum success, IVF procedure may be followed by ICSI after the patient consent.
  • Redo IVF: In case one cycle goes unsuccessful, and then the cycle may be repeated after a 20 days gap. During this gap period, no medicines or investigations are required. Three cycles may be done on a patient.

  • Estimate includes surgeon fee, anesthesia, pre anesthesia and anesthetic consumables charges, OT charges (including gas, equipment and recovery room charges), related routine pharmacy, related routine investigations, treating consultant’s consultation, general charges (including admission fee). IVF lab charges. The IVF procedure does not require hospital stay.
  • Estimate excludes out-patient expenses and expenses incurred before admission/after discharge, any special medications, consumables, any investigations other than routine, hospitalization charges (if required), take home medications and any other incidental procedure, not mentioned in inclusions. If diagnostic hysteroscopy/ICSI is required, it shall be charged additional to the IVF charges.

  • This is an estimated expenditure only and actual bill may vary depending upon the treatment and complications. This estimated cost and the estimation quoted has to be paid in advance.
  • As an international patient, you need to produce your passport at the registration counter to get at our hospital as per the directives from Government of India. A Xerox copy will be filed with your file maintained at the hospital. If you are travelling on a medical visa. You need to register to your arrival within 14 days with the FRRO.
  • The patient is advised to get her baseline hormonal profile D2 FSH, LH, estradiol, TSH, prolactin, pelvic ultrasound checked and the partner’s semen analysis done, and sent the reports to the consultant can have a basic insight about the reproductive system of the patient prior to the patient’s visit to the hospital.
  • The couple is advised to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. Avoid smoking, alcohol and beverages. Daily intake of folic acid (5 mg) once daily is essential for the patient.
  • The expenditure mentioned is only for one IVF cycle. The redo cycle, (if required) shall be additionally charged on actual.